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3 Incumbents and 1 Newcomer Win Region 14 Board of Education Seats

WOODBURY – Electors who chose to go to the polls Thursday chose three incumbents and one newcomer to serve three-year terms on the Region 14 Board of Education.

All three incumbents – Chairperson Janet Morgan of Woodbury and Bethlehem’s George Bauer and Carol Ann Brown – and newcomer Jim Crocker of Woodbury ran victorious campaigns, and their three-year terms will run from July 1 to June 30, 2022.

Morgan led all candidates with 497 votes (380 Woodbury, 117 Bethlehem), and newcomer Crocker followed with 467 (367, 100).

“I will do my best to listen to all sides, like I’ve stated from the beginning,” Morgan said. “We may not always agree on things but we all have to be open minded, listen to both sides, and then make the best decision for the kids, the community, and everybody involved.”

Crocker won the seat that was vacated by long-time Board of Education member Dave Lampart. Morgan said she is already familiar with Crocker, who was a participant of the District Advisory Committee regarding facilities and student population forecast.

“He’ll be great,” Morgan said of Crocker. “He’s got a great business background. He’s very methodical – he looks at all aspects of something before he makes a decision. He’ll be a great addition to the board.”

Bauer had 447 votes (339, 108), and Brown had 402 (281, 121).

Challenger Melissa Wesaw of Bethlehem received 302 votes (239, 63) and challenger Andrew Lampart had 260 votes (214, 46).

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  • G.Dodd says:

    I am not surprised with the individuals of Woodbury that offended your writing of an automobile accident or whatever. I am surprised that you had to delete your article. The individuals in this town, that do any complaining, do not make up the town. Those of us that have lived here for over 50 years do. There is such a thing as “Freedom of Speech”. I believe that that has not gone by the board YET. We, who have lived here for many years, know how these individuals work their leverage. They do so with their votes, their whining to the various boards of education, etc. Unfortunately, for their children, they have done a great disservice to them. They will be the future robots of Woodbury. We had an accident in town. Well, by maybe “kids” and everyone else looking at it, we won’t have another so soon. I doubt it! I wish you luck in whatever endeavor that you try next. When we moved here, Woodbury was a farm town. A great place to live with many friends, etc. A wonderful place to bring up the kids. You can’t go down a road now without seeing “For Sale” signs. Do you think that the individuals involved think the same way that we do? Time will tell when this town becomes another bed room town of either NYC or Hartford. Too bad, as it was a wonderful town once!!

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