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Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Just Woodbury is Woodbury’s Hometown Newspaper, covering news, business, sports, Region 14 education, local politics and happenings that take place in the town, in an all-digital format. Click here for our ad rate sheet.

Why Advertise?

Advertising allows your business to achieve 3 major objectives:

1) Increase sales and profits
2) Encourage new customers
3) Remind existing customers

Benefits of Advertising on Just Woodbury

Flexibility: You are not buying an ad on, you are buying space. You can change your messaging whenever you like with our self-serve model, or we can do it.

Reach people who live in Woodbury: More than half our audience lives here, but they aren’t confined by traditional borders. They shop and dine in Watertown, Southbury, Bethlehem, and beyond. Advertising your local business keeps them shopping and dining here in Woodbury.

Drive in out-of-town business: readers share a common bond — they are interested in Woodbury. Your advertisement will bring these neighboring shoppers to your business.

If you have questions about advertising and sponsorship opportunities on Just Woodbury, please call Tim Parry, Editor and Publisher, at (475) 444-3090. You can also send him an email at