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“Aquaman” is an Action-Packed Thrill Ride of Underwater Adventure

The DC Universe has finally given one of the most underrated Superheroes of all time his own flick.  Their release of “Aquaman” marks the sixth installment in the DC Extended Universe.  It is Directed by the special effect’s icon James Wan and stars Jason Momoa as Aquaman.  Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Nicole Kidman round out the all star cast.  The film takes place one year after the Justice League thwarts Steppenwolf’s invasion of Earth.

The year is 1985. A Maine lighthouse keeper named Thomas Curry rescues a mermaid like being named Atlanna (Kidman) during a horrific storm.  Atlanna turns out to be the princess to the underwater nation Atlantis.  Atlanna and Thomas eventually fall in love and have a son named Arthur (Momoa).  When turmoil strikes Atlantis, Atlanna is forced to leave her family and return to Atlantis to take her place as Queen.  She sends her trusted advisor, Nuidis Vulko (Dafoe), to train and guide her son Arthur.  Arthur is not like the other kids at school.  He was born with the uncanny ability to communicate with all marine lifeforms.  Under Vulko’s tutelage, Arthur grows up to be a fierce warrior.  He rejects Atlantis upon learning that his mother was executed for having a half-breed human son.

In the present, Arthur stops a group of pirates led by Jesse Kane from hijacking a Russian nuclear submarine.  Jesse is killed in the may lay dying in his son David’s arms. David vows revenge on the “Aquaman” that he thinks killed his father.  Below the Surface a revolution is brewing.  Orm (Patrick) is Arthur’s half-brother and incumbent monarch to Atlantis.  He solicits the help of David Kane (Mateen II) to invade Atlantis and give Orm the votes he needs to declare war on the surface world.  King Nereus (Lundgren) of Xebel swears his allegiance to Orm and offers up his powerful army for support.  His daughter Mera (Heard), who is betrothed to Orm, is wary of his plan and rushes to the surface to find Arthur to challenge his half-brother for the throne.

Once Arthur is on board, he accompanies Mera to see Vulko for advice.  He is now Orm’s confidant and right hand man.  Any help he gives will be seen as treason by Orm.  He sends the pair in search of the Trident of Atlan, a magical artifact that once belonged to Atlantis’ first King.  Before they could do so, Orm captures Arthur and challenges him to a duel for the kingdom.

As Orm is about to kill Arthur, Mera rushes in to save him.  After their daring escape, Arthur and Mera set out to the Sahara Dessert.  Once there they are told that the Trident’s coordinates are in Sicily, Italy.  As they learn the whereabouts of the Magical Trident, David Kane steps in to stop them.  David has been given an Atlantean Battle Armour suit by Orm to kill Arthur and Mera.  David has now become one of Aquaman’s oldest enemies….The Black Manta.

Barely escaping The Black Manta’s attack, Arthur and Mera set out to find the Trident in a dangerous place called “The Trench”.  After battling the monsters in The Trench, Arthur and Mera are sucked through a wormhole that leads them to an unchartered sea at the center of Earth.  They are unexpectedly reunited with Atlanna who was sacrificed to “The Trench” for her “crimes” many years ago.  She survived and has been living in this place ever since.   The ruler of this mystical sea is a Leviathan Monster called Karathen.  He is also the keeper of the Trident they seek.

Arthur must prove that he is worthy of wielding the Trident which grants him control over the seven seas.  He must convince the Monster that he will protect both Atlantis and the surface world together.  Arthur, armed with the Trident and few new friends ascend to the surface to Stop Orm and his powerful army from attacking the surface world.  The final battle for control of the Seven Seas and the Kingdom of Atlantis hangs in the balance.  Will Aquaman fulfill his destiny as the true Superhero he was born to be?

I love all Superhero movies.  Especially origin movies.  They are the Myths of Gods and Goddesses of years past.  I love that there is always the Hero versus the Villain battle where our mere existence hangs in the balance. They are always full of great special effects and are always worth the money to see them.  “Aquaman” is no different.  This film is an action packed thrill ride of underwater adventure that leaves the audience cheering and clapping all the way to the end.  Jason Momoa has transformed the often seen weaker superhero Aquaman into the Colossus duel threat land and sea Hero he was meant to be.  Two thumbs all the way up and a great Family Movie Pick for all audiences.  I give this film a 3.5 out of 4 stars.

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