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ASAP Launches Underage Drinking Prevention Initiative

Woodbury-Bethlehem Advocates for Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) has launched an “Underage Drinking Prevention Initiative” with print advertising, stickers on 12 and 30 packs of beer and other beverages, and three kinds of counter cards make up the initiative.

With graduation season and summertime upon us, it is hoped this initiative will prevent youth untimely injuries or death due to underage alcohol consumption, a known issue in the towns of Woodbury and Bethlehem.

The print ad design mimics the bright yellow “ASAP THANKS YOU for not serving alcohol to minors!,” and participating retailers have their choice of any or all of the counter cards: “IT’S NOT WORTH IT!,” “Penalty Card,” and “Talk to Them!”

ASAP is pleased that Woodbury shops Discount Liquors and Country Spirit Shop are the first to join in with the initiative.

ASAP is the Local Prevention Council for the two towns.

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