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Bill Butterly Lists His Accomplishments, and What He Wants to do for Woodbury

Woodbury First Selectman Bill Butterly

Woodbury First Selectman Bill Butterly

Bill Butterly is running for a third term as First Selectman of the Town of Woodbury.

Butterly, the unaffiliated candidate, produced the following list of his accomplishments over the past three and a half years for the media, as well as a list of things he says are in the works or need to be accomplished.


  1. Open Door
  2. Welcome letters and informotion pocket for new Woodbury citizens courtesy of First Selectmen and Town Clerk
  3. Saturday office hours for constituents during budget season
  4. Strong constituent service – calls returned, some day when possible, and followed up with whatever action needed


  1. Instituted system for annual
  2. Updated all job descriptions, some for the first time in 20 years
  3. Created a chain of command within each deportment
  4. Public Works – hired o new and experienced director (who remapped the town’s snow plow routes)
  5. Land Use – returned to staffing the office with a full-time planner rather than “as needed” contractor. Hired a Zoning Enforcement Officer to assist planner and building official.
  6. Library – hired new director and combined positions of director and assistant director
  7. Senior Center – Extended director’s hours, a move which mode collaboration with other personnel possible, resulting in the creation of What’s On in Woodbury (WOW).
  8. Public Safety – Hired another trooper rather than a new town officer, resulting in substantial savings
  9. Assessor – Revamped the office to include one full-time assessor and one full-time office administrator


  1. Used unused existing grant money to insulate, ventilate and point the interior of the Old Town Hull, making it usable for more activities
  2. Authorized the building of a walkway from the library to the Boyd Building, making it possible for a wheelchair to go from the parking lot of the Shove Building to the Boyd Building.
  3. Three new parking spaces created near Town Clerk’s office
  4. All basements cleaned out with more thon a ton of paper shredded
  5. Eagle Scouts beautified the fountain area by Shove Building
  6. Lead paint removed and Gallery exterior repointed
  7. Copper roof installed on library
  8. Experimenting,with ventilation of Senior Center attic in an attempt to prevent ice damming
  9. In the process of creating driveway to allow access to the lower level of the Senior Center: important because of access to storoge area and for septic system maintenance.


  1. Hollow Park pavilion repaired and repainted
  2. North Green bandstand repaired and repainted
  3. Installed long requested water line on North Green
  4. Public Buildings Committee working to compile list of capitol needs
  5. New telephone system installed in all buildings
  6. Provided Park Dept. with equipment so fields could be upgraded “in-house”
  7. Sprinkler system installed on Hollow Park soccer field
  8. Other new equipment purchased includes a highway sweeper, a chip truck, a grader, a 10-wheeler, a drone, a traffic counter to control speeding, an Animal Control vehicle, and use of the old fire marshol vehicle as a town vehicle


New committee appointed resulting in first successful revision in 2O years.


  1. Obtain better access to Three Rivers Pork or demolish the born.
  2. Improve the Route 6 and 317 intersection by getting rid of the stripes and establishing a dedicated left turn lane with arrow to turn into south driveway of town complex. Working with state on this now.
  3. Improve air conditioning system of building housing the Police Department and book store to reduce excessive humidity.
  4. Work with Public Building Committee to finish capital needs inventory.
  5. Work to establish on Economic Community Development Commission via ordinance.

Source: Bill Butterly

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