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Board of Education Candidate Andrew Lampart

Name: Andrew Lampart

Occupation: Automotive Sales at Modern Dodge RAM

Educational background: Freshman attending Western Governors University, B.A. in Business Management

What are your ties to Region 14?

Recent graduate, father currently serves on the BoE

Why would you like to serve on the Region 14 Board of Education?

Growing up in Region 14, I believe that I received one of the best public educations that a child could receive. Between the truly caring and knowledgeable teachers, and the diverse backgrounds offered by each student and program offered at Nonnewaug, Region 14 did an excellent job at preparing me for the the real world. Because of this, I would like to give back to the Region and the community the same amount of love and support that it showed me growing up.

What do you feel are Region 14’s strengths and weaknesses, and how do you feel Region 14’s weaknesses can become strengths?

Region 14 offers an excellent education experience. The staff have always shown a great degree of professionalism, and an equal knowledge on the subjects they teach. If a student had a question, they could be sure that their teacher would have an answer available and explained in such a way that the student could easily understand and apply their new knowledge. Above all, the teachers employed within the Region are the most caring in the nation. No child was left behind, seen as a, “lost cause,” or simply tolerated until they were to be pushed off into the next school year like so many other schools and districts do. Instead, the teacher would go above and beyond to help that student succeed. Region 14 should continue to foster this culture that every child has the ability to succeed. This is what separates the graduates of Region 14 from the rest.

If you are elected, how would you make Region 14 the best public school system it can be?

Education is an investment. Like any good investment, careful thought and consideration must go into every decision. When it comes to education, a dollar misspent has worse consequences than a dollar an any other program, as education is the most long-term investment an individual can make in a child’s life. Unlike a car or a home – both of which are big investments which can take careful consideration before action – are ultimately only temporary decisions. An education on the other hand lasts a lifetime. We as board members must ask ourselves two questions in every decision we make: 1. How will this affect a child’s education today. 2. How will this affect a child’s willingness to learn and grow both as individuals and in their careers after they leave the halls of Region 14? This is the basis that every decision must be made within the Region.


George Bauer
Carol Ann Brown
Melissa Wesaw

Jim Crocker
Andrew Lampart
Janet Morgan

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