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Board of Education Candidate James Crocker

Name: James Crocker (Jim)

Occupation: Business Management consulting

Educational background: Fairfield University, Business Management, BS Boston College, Graduate School of Management, MBA GE Management Development, MDC Related work experience: Consulting: (assess, define, prioritize, train, and implement improvement) President, Competitive Manufacturing, Inc. Vice-President, ITT RCW Division, Global Process Excellence -assessed, trained, and implemented improved business process Vice-President, Honeywell Aerospace & Defense, Global Enterprise Systems – implemented Enterprise wide business systems across the USA, and in Czech Republic, Malasia, Canada, Mexico, etc. Industrial Logistics & Systems Leader, GE Corporate Engineering & Manufacturing. Implemented process and systems improvements in GE Aerospace and & Industrial Divisions.

What are your ties to Region 14?

Parent – our two sons graduated from Region 14 Grand parent – two grand daughters are currently attending Region 14 Community member – we have resided in Woodbury since 1981

Why would you like to serve on the Region 14 Board of Education?

Since semi-retiring about 5 years ago, I have frequently attended Region 14 Board of Education meetings. I have also attended many of the Region 14 Building Committee meetings and was a member / participant of the District Advisory Committee (DAC) regarding “Facilities and Student Population Forecast”. I believe that I can be far more effective as part of the Region 14 BoE Team, rather than the often singular voice of “Privilege of the Floor”.

What do you feel are Region 14’s strengths and weaknesses, and how do you feel Region 14’s weaknesses can become strengths?

I firmly believe that Woodbury/Bethlehem Region 14 is often exceptionally far better than what is sometimes depicted or perceived. However, I also believe that there are areas of serious consequence that can be improved. Areas of strength include: our teachers, our students, our small New England town environment and culture, our nationally and regionally recognized focus areas, including VoAg, Art Program, Special Ed – Unified, Advanced Placement (AP) college credit courses, our improving academic performance, our sports, our clubs, etc. I believe that we can do a better job in dealing with our parents, communicating our successes and accepting and correcting any failings, facilitating the development of a high performance Team environment, further direct support of our educators, improved communication and transparency of everything financial, and we will require, and enforce, discipline and respect for all, across the organization.

If you are elected, how would you make Region 14 the best public school system it can be?

I have been improving systems, process, and operational performance for divisions of some of the largest corporations on the planet, successfully, for over 35 years. I believe that I can assist in the positive evolution of Region 14 for each student, each classroom of students, our educators, our principals, our administration, our BoE, our taxpayers and our Communities.


George Bauer
Carol Ann Brown
Melissa Wesaw

Jim Crocker
Andrew Lampart
Janet Morgan

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