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Board of Education Candidate Janet Morgan

Name: Janet Morgan

Occupation: Fire Marshal & Fire Chief

Educational background: Graduate from Nonnewaug High School, State of CT – Certified Fire Marshal, Fire Inspector and Investigator, State of Connecticut Fire Academy classes and certifications

What are your ties to Region 14?

I graduated, K-12, in Region 14. My daughter, Jessica, attended Region 14 and my step daughter Sharon, graduated from Nonnewaug High School. I have lived in Woodbury for 55 years and have served on the BOE for the last 6 years. I have lived in Woodbury for all but 1 year in my life. I support the community is every way possible.

Why would you like to serve on the Region 14 Board of Education?

I believe that I would like to continue to move our educational system forward into the next level of learning for all of our students. Our students have so many more opportunities available to them and we need to make sure that every student is aware of them and not just college bound but those entering the work force, technical fields and military. They should also not that if college is not a now thing for them – it is always available in the future. Education is not K-12 and then a degree – education is a life long process, whether in 4 walls or through life experiences.

What do you feel are Region 14’s strengths and weaknesses, and how do you feel Region 14’s weaknesses can become strengths?

There are times when we have “knee-jerk” reactions to issues. We need to take the time to – stop, evaluate, access and look at the big picture. Small issues can become bigger issues when we don’t look at the big picture and try and deal with a small issue right then and there – when we need to look at where the issue stems from. This is not every small issue – some are handled just fine when they are small and that is good. But, some need to be reviewed differently so that we understand the entire issue and just in the moment. Region 14 can learn to think outside the single moment and look toward a bright future when dealing with the “moment” issues. A moment can have lasting impacts if not properly accessed, evaluated and reviewed for all.

If you are re-elected, how would you make Region 14 the best public school system it can be?

If re-elected I will continue to listen to all, not single group interests, but to the community as a whole. All groups, parties, community members and interested parties need to be heard. Everyone has an opinion on what is best for our students. It is a board members responsibility to hear what everyone has to say and then with the assistance of the Superintendent, Administrators, Staff and fellow Board Members to make the right choices for our students so they can be the best community members wherever their future paths in life take them.


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Melissa Wesaw

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Janet Morgan

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