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Boisits-O’Keefe’s Passions Help Grow The Ruby Tree

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WOODBURY – The Ruby Tree has gained quite a following as a metaphysical shop since its Sherman Village doors opened in 2015.

But shop owner Christina Boisits-O’Keefe said she wants The Ruby Tree to be known for more than an artisan gift shop with crystals, jewelry, and candles.

“People are still learning about us, but they are also learning about the yoga classes we offer, and the practitioners being here,” Boisits-O’Keefe said. “Those are the two portions of the business we are really pushing to grow right now. We need to get customers to notice the other stuff going on.”

A door near the rear of The Ruby Tree’s showroom leads to a large yoga studio. A variety of yoga classes are offered on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

In the back of the store, a short hallway leads to two practitioner’s rooms. There, the practitioners offer services such as reiki, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, and more.

“A lot of people are drawn to the alternative types of healing, whether they aren’t finding relief with modern medicine or are just into trying new things,” Boisits-O’Keefe said.

How The Ruby Tree’s Seeds Were Sewn

When Boisits-O’Keefe was in her 20s, she had the idea of having some sort of local artisan gift shop. But she said she never had the time to see that vision through.

Since then, she got her MS in nutrition, then she got into her own reiki practice.

A few years back, when her daughter, Fiona, was baby, Boisits-O’Keefe decided it was time to combine her passions and launch The Ruby Tree.

“It’s a different kind of business than I thought I would have, but it does include the artisan gift shop,” Boisits-O’Keefe said.

The business itself evolved over her own journey.

“I have the clinical nutrition that I do, to help people feed their bodies properly,” Boisits-O’Keefe said. “I did the energy work certifications, so that kind of added to my practice, and it grew until I did this.”

The business also allows Boisits-O’Keefe to bring Fiona, who is now three, and Eva, her 5-month-old daughter, to work with her. And, of course, there’s Gwinnie, the feline shop keeper, who is a permanent fixture at the shop.

“It’s nice to be able to bring them with me,” Boisits-O’Keefe said. “It’s what makes this possible.”

Boisits-O’Keefe found Woodbury by accident, sort of.

“We had decided on the name The Ruby Tree,” Boisits-O’Keefe said. “I came to Woodbury one day to do something, and I saw the for-lease sign for this building and for the one where Woodbury Drug now is. This one I kind of just happened upon, and it just happens it’s the red part of the building.”

What’s In Store?

Boisits-O’Keefe said she is in businesses to relieve stress. She said everybody needs to slow down, but doesn’t, because life can be so chaotic. She added that It’s nice to bring a little peace to people’s lives.

The Ruby Tree has been in business for nearly two years, and Boisits-O’Keefe still gets a kick out of people’s reaction when they walk through the front doors.

“I have people walk in a few steps, and all the sudden, their shoulders relax,” Boisits said. “So many people will comment that the smell is good, the feel is good, but I can see it in their bodies.”

Most of the items in The Ruby Tree are sourced from artisans, and she brings in very few items from wholesalers. Some of the artisans are people she knew prior to opening, and others have been pointed in her direction.

“One I met going to a local flea market, and I saw some stuff she made there,” Boisits-O’Keefe said. “Most people, when I started, were people that I knew of. Since then it’s been people who walked in the door, or who were told by friends to come in.”

The Ruby Tree does have a website for informational purposes, but does not sell via the online channel. Boisits-O’Keefe said there are a lot of people who don’t want to go online to buy stones and things like that, but they’ll make the trip to Woodbury.

“It’s hard when you talk online about size,” Boisits-O’Keefe said. “It’s touchy-feely. Sometimes you’re drawn to a stone when you might not see it online.”

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