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Cadillac Joe’s Stone House is For Sale

Cadillac Joe’s stone house is on the market (Coldwell Banker photo).

WOODBURY – An infamous Woodbury landmark is on the market. Cadillac Joe’s stone house has been listed for sale, and the asking price is $99,000.

But there’s a catch: You’re going to be able to buy the 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 3,064-sq.-ft. home at 514 Main St. N. and move right in. Oh – and you’re going to have to pay cash.

The property is in need of full restoration, and is being sold as-is. Though adventurers have explored Cadillac Joe’s stone house to take photos (Check out these photos by John MacLeod) and to make movies, the listing states that the structure is unsafe for interior viewing.

The adjacent property – an empty lot – is also for sale for $125,000.

What Do We Know About Cadillac Joe?

We really don’t know a lot about Cadillac Joe. But we do know that Cadillac Joe, allegedly, began building the stone house by hand in the 1960s, and his dream home was never completed. Rumor has it that Cadillac Joe’s older brother, Marty, died on the property, and that Cadillac Joe’s name may not have even been Joe.

Allegedly, Cadillac Joe lived in Bridgeport and he drove a Cadillac to work on the 514 Main St. N. stone house every weekend. Joe was also elusive: There were sightings of him working on the house. But legend had it he wasn’t a fan of the public spotlight: Cadillac Joe would go into hiding when he was seen.

A few observers in the Woodbury, CT Facebook group noticed that Cadillac Joe did not drive a Cadillac:  He drove a Lincoln Town Car. However, other group members noted that Cadillac Joe’s stone house had at least 7 vintage Cadillacs in the basement.

About Cadillac Joe’s Stone House

If you’re looking to buy Cadillac Joe’s stone house, there are a few things you should know.

First, the house is being sold as-is, and the sale is also subject to Probate Court approval.

Also, although the house is steel beam and stone construction, it also was never finished. While there are two bathrooms, there is no water or sewer connection.

For that matter, there is no heat or hot water heater. Allegedly, Cadillac Joe would light fires in the structure’s fireplace to keep warm while he worked, and did not extinguish them before he’s leave. This led to numerous 911 calls to 514 Main St. N. over the years.

The assessed amount of the property is $191,450, and the annual taxes on the property are $5,089.

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