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Candidates Butterly and Dowd Both Mean Business

Kathleen Dowd vs. Bill Butterly

Challenger Kathleen Dowd (R) and incumbent Bill Butterly (U) would both like to become First Selectman of Woodbury.

WOODBURY – Bill Butterly wants to serve a third-term as First Selectman of Woodbury, and challenger Kathleen Dowd thinks you should vote for her instead.

Butterly and Dowd both had a chance to address Woodbury voters on Oct. 9 at the Woodbury Business Association’s Candidates Forum. Both candidates say they have the best interests of Woodbury and its residents in mind. And both Butterly (U) and Dowd (R) believe the future of Woodbury is business.

At the forum, Butterly said he was proud of how many businesses have opened in town since he won the 2013 election. Dowd countered, stating that Butterly is not counting the number of businesses that have left or closed, and that there are actually two fewer businesses in town [as of last year].

Dowd says Butterly isn’t doing enough to attract businesses to town, while Butterly points to businesses like John’s Chimney, which moved from Oxford, and Jewelry Cafe, which moved from Southbury. While Butterly says he frequently visits Woodbury’s businesses and talks with the owners and managers, Dowd says Butterly doesn’t work with them to make their businesses thrive.

Butterly hopes a business co-op can be established within town, where companies with home offices can share spaces that can be used to meet with clients. Dowd thinks the town should have the ability, resources, and infrastructure to lure tech startups to Woodbury.

As for one of the hot business topics in town, Dowd and Butterly’s views on Dollar General’s proposed entry into town differ.

Dowd says she is a fan of Mom and Pop stores, and doesn’t see Dollar General as the right fit for Woodbury. Meanwhile, Butterly noted that Dollar General planned to sue to get into town. But he also added that Dollar General’s plans with the planning department were changed up at the last minute, so it was not clear if the proposed Main St. building would conform to Woodbury’s standards. He added that Dollar General may submit new plans soon.

The following videos are both candidates closing comments from the forum. As you can see, both candidates are big on business:

“I envision a Main St. that’s so beautiful that people come here just to drive up and down our Main St.,” Dowd says.

“This administration has changed the conversation in our town,” Butterly says. “We have built the foundation, and now it’s time to think the future.”

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