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Chiefs With Character: Alex Grant

Alex Grant is a junior at Nonnewaug High School and was nominated by English teacher Jessica McKay. Here’s why Alex Grant was chosen as one of the Chiefs With Character for April 2018:

I am nominating Alex Grant for Chief with Character because of Alex’s overall positive attitude on a daily basis, his commitment to learning, and his helpfulness in class.

There is never a day that Alex isn’t living the “Chief” way. In class you can find him working with other students and providing in depth ideas. He is always motivated to learn more. One of my favorite examples of this was in AP Seminar when we were just starting to work on public speaking. Alex went home and watched a variety of videos on good public speaking skills. The next day he came to class and began trying out the different strategies–even if he thought the strategy might not work. He reflected on his experience and began making changes for the next presentation.

What was cool about his research for public speaking was that he didn’t stick to the common public speaking advice. He thought outside the box and reflected on some of his favorite vocal artists. He listened to what he loved about their speaking and attempted to bring those skills into his presentations. This had made Alex a tremendous public speaker and a benefit to the class since he is always willing to share what is working and not working for him.

Beyond this area, Alex is always willing to provide feedback to his peers. He is a true problem solver and leader.

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