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Chiefs of Character: Margaret Price

Margaret Price is a freshman at Nonnewaug High School, and was nominated by science teacher Katie Yocis and LMS teacher Todd Gorski. Here’s why Margaret Price was chosen as one of the Chiefs With Character for March 2018:

Margaret comes to class every day with a smile and a hello for everyone around her. I have had 2 new students enter my class during the year and she has been the first person to welcome them into class and offers to work with them on classwork discussions or labs.

Margaret has very big dreams and a determination to make all of them come true. She is an absolute pleasure to have in class and I am honored to have gotten to know her this year and will certainly keep her autograph as I am sure it will be worth something in the future!

Margaret showed up to her Footloose audition with her music completely memorized, expressions and gestures clearly rehearsed. Since most students had only recently familiarized themselves with the score, Margaret’s preparation set her apart from most and raised the bar for all.

She maintains the same work ethic, recording excerpts of rehearsals to practice with at home. She is talented, hardworking, friendly, encouraging and enthusiastic–all qualities that a Chief With Character embodies.

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