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Cleanup Begins After Woodlake Fire

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WOODBURY – Cleanup has begun in Woodlake less than 24 hours after a fire in a Summit Court unit Thursday night left seven people homeless.

Woodlake operations manager Jeff Burmeister said a crew from JP Maguire Associates was at the property on Friday morning to begin boarding up the three units left uninhabitable and pump water from the basements of all five units in the cluster. Burmeister said JP Maguire will be building a temporary roof over the damaged units beginning Saturday morning at to protect them from further damage.

Though cleanup is starting, Burmeister said it could take months before residents can return to their condos.

The fire started in 9 Summit Court, which is a corner unit, and spread into units 8 and 10, which is an end unit. Units 7 and 6, which is an end unit, did not have any fire damage but are still without electrical power because the meter that feeds the cluster is located outside unit 10. A temporary meter should be ready by Monday, Burmeister said.

The fire was received by the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department at about 8:10 p.m. and the first truck arrived on the scene at 8:26 p.m. Fire Chief Janet Morgan said the first firefighter on the scene lives in Woodlake and was there in less than two minutes.

Firefighters from Woodbury, Southbury, and Roxbury fought the fire and firefighters from Bethlehem provided mutual aid.

Morgan said most of the firefighters had left the scene by midnight, though inspectors assessed the damage until about 2 a.m. today.

Although the fire appears to have started in the chimney of Unit 9, Burmeister said it appears that it was an electrical fire. That unit is occupied by a young couple who purchased the condominium in February 2018.

Unit 10, which showed signs of heavy fire damage, is a bank-owned property which was recently foreclosed upon. That unit was unoccupied. A woman bought Unit 8 this past February, Burmeister said.

The last major fire in Woodlake was on Raccoon Ridge in 2007, on what Burmeister recalled was the coldest night of the year.

In October 2017, a dryer fire was reported in 5 Summit Court.

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