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We’re Declaring Aug. 20-26 “Pizza Week in Woodbury”


Best Pizza in WoodburyWOODBURY – Woodbury Pizza or Al’s Best? San Remo or Elenni’s? Carlito’s or Big Daddy’s? Or do you prefer City Hall Cafe over everyone?

The biggest question in: Who has the Best Pizza in Woodbury? It’s a very loaded question in this quaint little town, and we want the answer.


We’re declaring Aug. 20-26 “Pizza Week in Woodbury,” and we’re going to let you, the Just Woodbury readers, tell us who YOU think has the Best Pizza in Woodbury.

During Pizza Week in Woodbury, you’ll get to vote online for your favorite place to get a pizza in Woodbury. We’ll also ask you what you like best on your pizza – is it an old standard like pepperoni, or do you crave a specialty pizza from your favorite pizza place?

We’re also giving Woodbury’s pizza places a chance to distribute coupons through our site.

The winning restaurant will receive not only bragging rights for 2017, but an engraved bamboo pizza board trophy that they can display in your shop.

So brace yourself for the online vote. And until then, mangia!

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