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Embarrassing Show by Zoning Board

I have been a resident of Woodbury for a few short years having moved here from a larger town. I like the quaintness of this town, it is peaceful and neighbors are friendly. It was nice to find a town without chain stores however all that has changed today with the approval of Dollar General (of all stores) to take up residence here! I did attend some zoning board meetings regarding this issue as i felt strongly about it as did many of my fellow neighbors, obviously our complaints and concerns were not heard by this commission. At the last meeting, concern was raised over the turtles (box turtles, an endangered species) inhabiting the area where this retail space would be built. The commissioners had a field day with this concern, they joked about it, they showed no concern at all! Obviously all the research done by all the concerned citizens of this town to protect this piece of property fell upon deaf ears. It was an embarrassing spectacle that evening… all the men and ladies present should be ashamed for their behavior and for allowing DG to enter and destroy the “charming ambiance” that was Woodbury!

Jane E Buitron

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