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What to Expect to Hear at the Town Meeting

WOODBURY – The second of two town meetings will be held on Monday night. What’s it all about, and what can we expect to hear?

The two major highlights of the town meeting agenda will be Board of Finance chairman Alex DeSorbo’s annual town report and audit, and First Selectman Bill Butterly will give the State of the Town report.

DeSorbo be presenting a look at the audited close of FY16-17, which ended on June 30, for the Town of Woodbury. DeSorbo said Woodbury had a surplus which came from better than budgeted expenditures and revenue. The town’s Unassigned Fund Balance (the working capital for the Town) finished at a healthy 13% of total expenditures or about 7 weeks of operating capital.

“But overall, we are in good shape as we built a conservative case into our budget,” DeSorbo said in an email to Just Woodbury. “We will receive less than last year in state grant money but because the legislature did not impose Teacher’s pension fund contributions on the towns, we end up in a better position than we budgeted.”

Additionally, DeSorbo said he will make clearer what the impact of the new state budget will be. Unlike many towns, DeSorbo said Woodbury is in good shape, but remains cautious about the stability of the solutions in the recently passed state budget.

DeSorbo will also review the grand list and the mill rate, take another look at the town’s capital program, and the tax impact of the NHS renovation impact going forward.

Meanwhile, as of Friday afternoon, Butterly was still working on his State of the Town report. There should be no surprises here, since Butterly won his re-election bid just two weeks ago, and has been praising the work of the selectmen, boards, and commissions.

Here’s a look at why Butterly decided to run for a third term.

Proposed Sherwood Property Acquisition

At Wednesday’s Board of Finance meeting, the board unanimously voted to require a 2/3 majority at the Town Meeting to approve the proposed purchase of the Sherwood Property.

The Board of Finance felt that there had not been a compelling rationale for or plan to use and maintain the property and, therefore, that the final decision should be made by more than a simple majority at Monday’s meeting, DeSorbo said.

You can find out more about the proposed Sherwood Property acquisition here.

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One Comment

  • Sharon Sherman says:

    At the annual town meeting on Monday, Nov 20th, there will be a vote on purchasing the Sherwood Property. A 2/3 vote in favor of the purchase will be required, based on Town Charter Section 201-B-3-c.
    This property is valuable to the town for a number of reasons:
    -it will provide access to Castle Rock, property currently owned by the town that is historically significant.
    -Castle Rock connects to Hollow Park, so the addition of the Sherwood property provides larger contiguous open space.

    Purchase of this property is supported by the Conservation Commission, and the Planning Commission confirmed that it is consistent with the Plan of Conservation and Development.

    Cost of the property is $89,000, and the funds for the purchase are available in the Open Space funds. There would be little/no maintenance needed initially; creation of trails for passive recreation could be considered in future; the property if purchased, could be made available for hiking, and to provide access to Castle Rock.

    This is an opportunity to preserve a significant parcel of open space for current and future generations.

    Please plan to attend Monday’s meeting-7PM-Sr-Comm. Center to vote for this purchase.

    Thank you,
    Sharon Sherman

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