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Family Movie Night Pick: Avengers: Infinity War

The highly anticipated third installment of the Avengers saga continues with “Infinity War.”  This movie is two and half hours of non-stop action, twists, and jaw-dropping special effects with a melting pot teamwork effort of almost every hero from the previous bunch of Marvel Superhero movies.

Thor, Iron-Man, The Hulk, Captain America, Loki, Spider-man, The Scarlet Witch, Falcon, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Black Widow, Vision, The Winter Soldier and Dr. Strange team-up to fight the evil Thanos.  Thanos is the number one Super-Villain in the Marvel Universe.  He is hell bent on “cleansing” the entire universe in a genocidal megalomaniacal plan using the six Infinity Stones “to make trillions cease to exist.” Ummm Adolf Hitler much?  The six stones are the Mind stone, the Soul stone, the Space stone, the Power stone, the Time stone, and the Reality stone.  It is said that if any being possesses all six stones, they will be become all powerful and be able to shape all time and space to their creation.  The stones are strewn across the entire universe.

Thanos has spent his time “acquiring” these infinity stones one by one, killing half of the previous owner’s entire species.  He believes that he is doing the universe a favor by making it “rebuild itself.”  He sees himself as a god and embraces his role as executioner.  “The Hardest Choices require the Strongest Wills.”  The last two stones are located on Earth.  The Mind Stone is located in Vision’s head, and the Time Stone is currently held by Dr. Strange.  Thanos has come to Earth to play out his Nazi based Universe beautification project and steal the remaining two stones.  His plan is to affix all six stones in a gold glove-like fist and rule all space and time.  It will take every superhero in the Marvel Universe to fight against the Mighty Thanos and make sure balance remains across the entire universe.

It seems like all the other Avengers movies and previous Marvel superhero movies have been building up to this moment.  We have been introduced to many different worlds and universes.  We have seen the creation of a Superhero Supergroup called the “Avengers.”  There have been cross-over movie events where some of the Superhero’s help each other on their home planets.  We have even had the Avengers Fight Themselves in Captain America “Civil War.”  Nick Fury, the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D, has convinced our Heroes to be wary of what is coming.  The one constant has been the teasing of Thanos.  He has appeared in post credit scenes in both the “Avengers” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron.”  His scene at the end of “Ultron” has him putting on his glove and grumbling “Fine….I’ll Do It Myself.”  The Ultimate cliffhanger finally coming to fruition in “Infinity War.”  So, our Heroes will set out against the most diabolical of foes to prove once again that good triumphs over evil……Or does it?

I thought that “Infinity War” was an entertaining roller coaster of intense non-stop action.  Being a Marvel fan since I was a kid had me at the edge of my seat.  We had almost every previously introduced Marvel Superheroes fighting against the most vicious of Protagonists in Thanos. What else can you ask for in a movie.  The Greatest of the Good versus the Baddest of the Bad.  The greatest street fight ever filmed with the Planet Earth as the backdrop, and the fate of the universe in the balance.  I believe that it definitely lives up to the two-year hype and will go down as one of the best Superhero Movies ever.

So, in the immortal words of Marvel creator Stan Lee, “Face Front True Believers” and go see this movie.  It is a must see for all ages, and a perfect Family Movie Night event.  I give it a 3.75 out of 4 stars.

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