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Family Pick: “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

2018 Rated PG

Marvel has done it again. Re-Inventing itself over and over again and still keeping the most popular of its Super-Heroes relevant to today’s audience.  “Into the Spider-Verse” is directed by Bob Persichetti.  It stars Shameik Moore as Miles Morales, Jake Johnson as the “older” Peter Parker Spider-Man, Chris Pine as the “younger” Peter Parker Spider-Man, Hailee Steinfeld as Spider-Woman, Academy Award Winner Mahershala Ali as “The Prowler”, Nicolas Cage as Spider-Man“Noir”, Lily Tomlin as May Parker, and Liev Schreiber as “The Kingpin.” 

This film is based on the iconic Marvel comics character Miles Morales as Spider-Man. In the Comics he was originally called Ultimate Spider-Man, and lives on Earth of the 1610 dimension.  For those of you that only remember Peter Parker as Spider-Man, this will be a great film to explain why there is never just one Spider-Man. 

The film opens with a young Peter Parker Spider-Man (Pine) fighting his arch enemy Green Goblin.  He is trying to stop him from starting some dimension opening machine that he thinks will destroy the universe.  What Peter doesn’t realize is Kingpin is running the entire operation in hopes of bringing back his family from another dimension.  Young Peter Parker is killed by the Kingpin after he stops the dimension reactor from operating.  Stay with me…. I know… Kingpin kills Spider-Man in the first 5 minutes of the movie?… What?  A young boy named Miles Morales is spray painting in the subway with his Uncle when he is bit by a radioactive spider (sound familiar?) that escaped from the same lab that Kingpin was running the dimension machine from.   The dimension machine was opened long enough for five new “Spider-Men/Women” into Miles’dimension of Earth 1610.  Problem:  Kingpin still is hell bent on getting his“new family” from another dimension even if it destroys all dimensions as we know them.   

Miles now realizes he is the new Spider-Man but does not know how to use his powers or how to be a“Spider-Man.”  An older Peter Parker from another dimension becomes his mentor and tries to teach Miles that it is not just the mask that makes you Spider-Man. “Remember what makes you different is what makes you Spider-Man!”  Miles has the ability to turn invisible when trouble becomes impossible to avoid. Spider-Women (Steinfeld), Peter Parker (Johnson), Spider-Man Noir(Cage), Peter Porker (a cartoon pig Spider-man), and a Japanese robot Spider-Man have all come to Earth 1610 to stop Kingpin from destroying all the dimensions and ultimately trapping them all with no hope of ever going home. 

Miles realizes that being Spider-man is more than being a Super Hero.  It takes “a leap of ultimate faith” to believe in your heart that you actually are Spider-man.  With the help of his five new “Spider Friends,” Miles gains the confidence and belief in himself needed to be one of them.  The Kingpin has enlisted the services of a dark villain called the “Prowler” and a female version of Doctor Octopus to help execute his villainous plan.  He has his own plan to stop the 6 Spider-men from getting in the way of his goal. 

The newly formed “Spidey Squad” team up to face the Kingpin and save their collective universes from destruction. Only question is….Are they too late?

“With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibility!”  This once again rings true in this version of the Spider-Man saga.  A new twist on Spider-Man for sure, but stilla lesson that all Super-Heroes have to learn. I really liked this new version of Spider-Man.  Miles Morales as the Ultimate Spider-Man in the comics has been popularized by today’s generation.  He is hipper, and younger and has different powers.  Marvel is brilliant in changing the iconic character to another version for today’s audiences. 

I thought the movie was action packed andfun.  The back story of Miles Morales was brilliantly told and brought to life on the big screen.  I loved the fact that they included the recently departed Stan Lee cameo appearance, a bunch of older Spider-Man movie Easter eggs, and the end of credits extra scene as Marvel always does.  The life lessons of believing in yourself and confidence in your abilities never rang truer than in this film.  I give it a solid 3.5 Out of 4 stars and a must see for all families this holiday season.

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