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Generous Donor Pays for New Main Street Flags

WOODBURY – If the United States flags hanging from telephone poles along Main St. seem bolder and brighter than last year, it’s not because we’ve had a dull, gray spring.

Thanks to a generous donation by Woodbury based roofing company The Roofer, LLC, the Woodbury Lions Club was able to purchase 50 new flags to proudly fly along Main St.

While 25 new flags are hanging along the route, another 25 are on order. Chet Gage, who heads the Woodbury Lions’ flag committee, said the hope is to hang 10-12 more flags on Saturday, in time for the town’s Memorial Day Parade.

“We were very excited to receive the sizable donation from The Roofer,” Gage told Just Woodbury. “The Lions do fundraisers all year round but most of that money goes to scholarships. So, when inclement weather hurts fundraising events like the Haunted Hayride or the auto show, we don’t have money to replace flags.”

The first 25 new flags were hung on Main St. on Saturday, May 18. The new flags and the flags that are in the best condition were hung by two crews, both with four volunteers.

“Each crew has a tall guy and a ladder,” Gage said. “Sometimes street signs and trees are in the way, and some of the branches need some trimming, so we ask the homeowners if we can trim the branches for them.”

Gage said the donation from The Roofer came to be because of owner Paul Lavertue’s ties to the organization. Lavertue was looking for a way to help beautify the Town of Woodbury. Lavertue’s late father, Maurice Lavertue, was a Lion in Berlin, New Hampshire, and the Woodbury Lions Club was looking for some assistance.

In addition to the flags, The Roofer’s donation is also to be used for hardware such as brackets and poles, and for overall maintenance of the flags.

Lavertue is no stranger to beautifying Woodbury. In recent years, The Roofer has done replacement and refurbishing work at- or near-cost on buildings including the Woodbury Public Library and St. Teresa Church.

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