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Go the Distance for Scholars Adds a Bike Rodeo

Catherine (left) and Olivia Warner get ready for the Go the Distance for Scholars Bike Rodeo, which will be held at Mitchell School in Woodbury on Sept. 22. (contributed photo)

WOODBURY – Woodbury Scholarship Fund Dollars for Scholars will include a bike rodeo for children as part of its Go the Distance for Scholars fundraiser on Sept. 22.

The bike rodeo will be a complimentary addition to the traditional three Go the Distance for Scholars distance bike rides and the 5k road race.

The rodeo targets both awareness of bicycling safety measures and ensures basic, safe experiences. It has a series of stations, each dealing with an important aspect of safe cycling.

Each bike rodeo station will focus on a skill that will be explained to the riders and then allow them to practice that skill before moving to the next station. Depending on a rider’s experience, they can repeat a station or skip a station, as they prefer.

Participants will first have their bicycles inspected and their fit to the bicycle checked.  They’ll also have their helmet checked for proper fit. Each cyclist will receive a scorecard to record his or her achievements as they complete each station.

The rodeo is open from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the south Mitchell School parking lot at 14 School Street in Woodbury. Since this event addresses individual riders, they can start on a “first come-first serve” basis. Participants should bring their bikes, but some bikes may be available depending on the needed bike size.

More information about the rodeo is available on the Woodbury Scholarship Fund Dollars for Scholars web site at

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