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Healthy Healing Wellness Announces Move to Woodbury

Jennifer Steiner, CHHC, AADP

Jennifer Steiner, CHHC, AADP

WOODBURY – Many people don’t realize, but common diet mistakes and environmental toxins in their homes can greatly impact their chance of illness. Healthy Healing Wellness, which recently announced their move to Woodbury, are specialists in this area and are happy to offer affordable guidance in avoiding these kinds of pitfalls.

Healthy Healing Wellness offers holistic health advice to families and specializes in helping couples create a safe and healthy home environment for themselves and their children by identifying and removing dangerous toxins from their diets and homes and replacing them with healthier, safer alternatives.

“It’s my passion to help clients create a healthy home environment,” commented Jennifer Steiner, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Environmental Health Specialist and owner of Healthy Healing Wellness, LLC. “I’ve experienced being very ill from toxins in food that was misdiagnosed for a very long time, and I bring this deep
knowledge and experience to deliver real value to my clients and their families.”

According to Steiner, the company is happy to offer Home Audits, where a room to room exploration at the home takes place and advice given on how to make it toxin-free; A la Carte Programs, delivering two weeks of guidance in the areas the client feels they need help in the most; and a 12-Week Program, the most in-depth
program from Healthy Healing Wellness, which covers all aspects of toxin-free living for families.

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