Here’s How Woodbury Voted in the 2018 General Election

WOODBURY – A Red Wave has swept over Woodbury.

Woodbury voters have voted for the Republican candidate in every race on the 2018 general election ballot.

And Woodbury voters came out in full force Tuesday.

Woodbury has approximately 7,000 registered voters, and 5,282 placed a vote for governor. That means more that 75% of Woodbury’s registered voters participated in the election.

In addition to those who placed votes at the Woodbury Senior Community Center, 53 same-day registrants cast ballots at the Registrar of Voters’ office.

Here are the final tallies from Woodbury.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor:

Ned Lamont and Susan Bysiewicz 2,063

Bob Stefanowski and Joe Markley 3,038

Rodney Hanscomb and Jeffrey Thibeault 16

Mark Stewart Greenstein and John Demitrus 5

Oz Griebel and Monte E. Frank 159

Write-in 1

U.S Senator:

Chris Murphy 2,457

Matthew Corey 2,716

Richard Lion 29

Jeff Russell 21

U.S. Congress:

Jahana Hayes 2,596

Manny Santos 2,638

State Senator:

Catherine DeCarli 2,221

Eric Berthel 2,924

State Representative (66th):

Alex Larsson 2,095

David Wilson 2,558

State Representative (68th):

Jeff Desmarais 201

Joe Polletta 308

Secretary of the State:

Denise Merrill 2,350

Susan Chapman 2,765

Heather Lynn Sylvestre Gwynn 30

S. Michael DeRosa 32


Sean Wooden 2,272

Thad Gray 2,850

Jesse Brohinsky 42


Kevin Lembo 2,213

Kurt Miller 2,772

Paul Passarelli 35

Edward Heflin 29

Attorney General:

William Tong 2,189

Sue Hatfield 2,944

Peter Goselin 40

Judge of Probate:

Domenick Calabrese 3,475

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