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I’d Hate to Pull the Plug on Just Woodbury, But…

Dear Just Woodbury fans, followers, and friends,
I’d hate to pull the plug on Just Woodbury. But without paid advertisers and advertising revenue, I’m going to have to do that very, very soon. 
In the 16 months since launch, Just Woodbury has grown from absolutely nothing to a community news website with 8,500 monthly users and a Facebook page with more than 1,600 followers.
Now let’s go beyond the numbers. Everyday, people see me around town and tell me I’m their go-to source for what’s going on in Woodbury, and that they love the service I provide to Woodbury residents. 
As great as it is to hear that, Just Woodbury is a business. And businesses cannot survive without revenue. This is how I feed and clothe my family, and keep a roof over our heads. Without advertisers, that cannot happen.
If you are a local business owner and you want to reach Woodbury residents, I’d like you to ask yourself these questions: Where do you get your Woodbury news and information? When the newspaper comes in the mail, do you open it up or throw it in the pile with the rest of the newspapers? Don’t you think your prospects have the same habits?
If you’re not a business owner, but you know someone who is, please pass this message along. They need to know how Just Woodbury can help them grow their business. Chance are they will thank you.
Our advertisers have proven and tangible results. They aren’t playing the guessing game of “I wonder if my prospects and customers have seen my ads.” Join them and reap the benefits, and help Woodbury’s go-to source for news and information survive.
We offer something for everyone: And an unwritten 50% discount for nonprofits. Check out all our offerings here:
Thanks for taking the time to read this plea. I hope businesses will come around and shift at least a portion of their their advertising dollars to Just Woodbury. It will benefit all of us.
Tim Parry
Editor & Publisher
Just Woodbury
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