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In the End, Just Woodbury is Just a Business…

This is just a picture of a butterfly that I took last year across the street from Town Hall.

WOODBURY – Since I announced on June 9 that I would suspend Just Woodbury’s operations, I’ve talked with dozens of readers.

I’ve sincerely thanked everyone who told me how sorry they are to see Just Woodbury go (point of information though, I am suspending operations, not shuttering). I am happy to hear that I was able to keep people updated about Woodbury’s people, places, and things.

But accolades and praise do not pay the bills. In the end, Just Woodbury is a business (technically, it is a product of A Content Shop, LLC). Without advertising revenue (or investors), Just Woodbury, a one-man business I launched to feed and clothe my family and keep a roof over its head, cannot keep going.

And maybe 1 or 2 of the conversations I’ve had post-June 9 announcement have included solutions to fund Just Woodbury.

I should have realized Just Woodbury would in financial ruins right from the start. The Woodbury business community immediately began saying no-thank-you to advertising. But I am also an eternal optimist and have a no-quit attitude, and I firmly believed hard work would pay off.

It did: In just 2 years, Just Woodbury reached the 10,000 monthly users, generated more than 2,000 Facebook page likes, and had an opt-in email list of more than 1,000.

That sort of visibility should have been very attractive for small businesses that are trying to extend their reach beyond their Facebook and Instagram pages. So without ad revenue, it didn’t pay off.

The funny thing is, several small business owners and business leaders who took a hard pass on advertising with Just Woodbury have told me they are sorry to see Just Woodbury go.

I’m proud of what I accomplished – being a newcomer and building the trust of readers and public officials in Woodbury is not an easy task . I’m also thankful for those who helped out by sending me their press releases, movie reviews, videos, and so on.

I am also exceptionally thankful of those businesses that regularly advertised with Just Woodbury: The Roofer, Armed & Ready Alarm Systems, TopNotch Painting, The Woodbury Diner, and Kathleen Kennedy.

I’m sorry to let all you readers all down by suspending operations, but now you know why I’m doing it.

Officially, the lights will go off on July 1. But I’m dropping the mic a little early.


Tim Parry
Editor & Publisher
Just Woodbury

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  • Michele Hoffman says:

    I’m sorry to see you go but I totally understand why are. People will realize what they have lost in this town. It’s sad. I have lived on and off in Woodbury for 48 years. Things are very different than when I grew up here. You brought one of the best things to this town. Good luck and so sorry that it didn’t work out the way you had hoped.❤️

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