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It’s Kevin Barry’s Birthday Party and Everyone is Invited… Even Your Pets

Kevin Barry turns 40 on Dec. 5, and you and your pet are invited to celebrate with him at Woodbury Saw & Mower.

WOODBURY – Woodbury Saw & Mower owner Kevin Barry has celebrated his son’s birthday at in his shop in the past. But this year, he doesn’t know what sort of crowd to expect.

The senior Barry is inviting folks to drop in to his shop, located at the North Green, 47 Main St. S., to celebrate his son’s 40th birthday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on Dec. 5… and bring their pets. There will be treats available for pets, compliments of Blue Seal Feeds, and donuts from Dottie’s Diner for humans.

Barry’s son, also named Kevin Barry, is turning 40. The Facebook post the senior Barry posted to Woodbury Saw & Mower’s Facebook page has received more than 700 likes and was shared more than 400 times. Barry said the post also had been viewed more than 30,000 times.

It could be because everyone in town seems to know the younger Barry, described in the post as “that guy sitting by the chicken window,” who his father describes as “painfully shy, except when it comes to talking about animals,” which is why the senior Barry has invited people to bring their pets.

Or Woodbury Saw & Mower’s Facebook post may have gone viral because of the genuine love and bond shown between a father and his son.

Barry said all pets are allowed – from alpacas to zebras – and if your pet has passed away, you can bring a photo of your pet to show his son.

You can view the Facebook event for Kevin’s party here:

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