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Just Woodbury’s Top 4 Stories of 2017, with an Asterisk

WOODBURY – Just Woodbury has reported on a lot of wonderful things in town. But we may have to put an asterisk on what were the top stories of 2017.

It’s not that we doubt the validity of anything we’ve reported on. It’s that we were launched less than one year ago. Technically, Just Woodbury was born on April 30, 2017. Which means there are some things that happened in the first third of the year that we just did not report on.

Alas, we will look at the top 4 stories Just Woodbury reported on during our first eight months serving the Woodbury market.

1. Foodie Fodder

Woodbury has been known as a foodie paradise. So, it makes sense that articles about the town’s newest restaurants – and the Best Pizza in Woodbury contest – were the most-read.

Annoula’s Diner, Max Prime Steakhouse, Fish & Sushi Bar, and Woodbury Brewing Company – though, technically, a bar and live music establishment that happens to serve food – were all highly-anticipated additions to the restaurant scene.

Annoula’s Diner got popular quickly. Nick Papanikolaou opened Annoula’s last January, and has been in the restaurant industry for more than 30 years. Papanikolaou said this Father’s Day was the busiest Father’s Day he’d ever had.

Allan Cetrone and his friends built their dream, Woodbury Brewing Company, and the recently-opened gathering spot is getting a lot of support from Woodbury and beyond.

Max Prime Steakhouse, Fish & Sushi Bar, which is in the former home of Carmen Anthony’s Fishhouse, opened for business on Nov. 30.

And let’s not forget the Best Pizza in Woodbury contest. Just Woodbury readers cast their vote for San Remo Restaurant & Pizzeria.

2. Butterly Wins a Third Term

Bill Butterly was going to be a two-term First Selectman. But when it appeared no one else wanted the job, he ran and won a third term.

Only the unaffiliated Butterly did not run unopposed. Political newcomer Kathleen Dowd was a surprise candidate, and she won the Republican endorsement.

Dowd, who had a long career in the pharmaceutical industry, decided to run because she said people were angry with how Woodbury was being run.

Butterly beat Dowd 1,500-1,040. Barbara Perkinson (R) was re-elected as a Selectman, but Michael Gransky (R) was unseated by former Selectman George Hale (D).

3. Bear Sightings

Everybody loves a good bear sighting… until the bears get out of control.

In December, a homeowner used a sledgehammer to fend off a bear, which was attacking has goat.

But before that incident, the bear sightings were pretty darn cute. Like this bear, which was eating out of a bird feeder.  And there was this family of bears that crossed Main Street in broad daylight. And don’t forget this bear, which was just wandering around Woodlake.

4. The Sober House Debate

Curtis House, Connecticut’s oldest inn, was thisclose (typo intended) to being sold and converted into a sober house… well, pending zoning board approval, of course.

Had it gone to zoning, the sober house would have met a lot of resistance from people who didn’t just want it in their back yard, but people who didn’t want it in their front yard.

However, residents do understand that Woodbury is not immune to the opioid addiction epidemic. The Woodbury Police Department believed a recent rash of summertime burglaries in town were mostly directly related to – and maybe all – to that opioid epidemic. That case was cracked in October, and the suspect had been on a statewide spree.

The uncertain future of Curtis House also led to Main St. Barber Shop moving across town.

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