Karen Reddington-Hughes Receives Bernard Rosenberg Award

Karen Reddington-Hughes (file photo)

WOODBURY – Karen Reddington-Hughes is the recipient of the 2019 Bernard Rosenberg Award.

The award, given annually in memory of former planning commissioner Bernard Rosenberg, recognizes members of the community for improving the quality of life in Woodbury through volunteering.

Reddington-Hughes received the award Wednesday night at a gathering at the Woodbury Senior Community Center.

“I was very humbled to be notified I would be receiving the Rosenberg award and really look at it as accepting the recognition on behalf of all the non-profits that I volunteer with,” Reddington-Hughes told Just Woodbury in an email. “Without the endless volunteer hours that a cadre of people contribute together as a group many of the wonderful things that are accomplished would never happen. I am honored to be part of these groups.”

Past recipients of the Rosenberg Award include Charles M. Bartlett, Sharon Sherman and Bob Taylor, William T. Drakeley, Dick Leavenworth, Dave Monckton, Charlie Lewis, Lois Jane, Pat and Chet Gage, and Larry Pond.

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