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Letter to the Editor: Zoning Commission Dismissed Intervenor’s Environmental Case with Barely Any Discussion or Consideration

Dollar General in Woodbury?  The petition against this development  (  is still up and continues to grow. 

With our paper signatures, there are now over 700 signers. At the meeting earlier this month, the Zoning Commission dismissed the Intervenor’s environmental case to stop the development by a vote of 4-1–with barely any discussion or consideration–moving forward apparently with a decision to approve the application that will put a 7,465 sq ft Dollar General store on Main Street Woodbury. 

Our town’s Zoning Regulations cover more than signage, set back and square footage. Woodbury’s zoning regulations also cover public health and welfare, including environmental risks. Most of the petition signers support economic development and property rights in Woodbury–indeed, many appreciate and patronize Dollar General.  The opposition to this project boils down to the externalized costs of development. The applicant’s project accrues economic benefit from the increased traffic, which the townspeople pay for in increased time and frustration. The applicant’s project accrues economic benefits from getting the green light to excavate and build on a dump area, while the townspeople incur the increased risk of polluted ground and surface water. We should continue to encourage town officials and town committee members to interpret and enforce Woodbury’s regulations for the benefit of ALL the town’s stakeholders–especially our kids and grandkids.

Alan Zinser


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