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Middle Schooler’s Company Donates Sales Proceeds to Wounded Warrior Project

Logan Pasquariello, 12, launched Cobra Creations, and made a $57 donation to the Wounded Warriors Project in the company’s name last week. (Contributed photo)

WOODBURY – Logan Pasquariello’s Woodbury Fall Festival tent was a year in the making. The 12-year-old entrepreneur knew back in the fall of 2017 that he wanted to make and sell paracord bracelets and keychains at the 2018 event and give some of the proceeds to charity.

With the help of his twin brother, Spencer, and his friend, Carson Buck, Pasquariello’s company, Cobra Creations, sold 57 paracord bracelets and keychains. Late last week, Pasquariello sent a check for $57 – $1 for each item he sold – and a hand-written letter to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Why the Wounded Warrior Project? Because Pasquariello couldn’t give to all three charities he wanted to donate to. Instead of making that tough choice he had his customers help him choose.

Each item had a ballot attached to it, and the ballots included the Wounded Warrior Project and to local charities. Pasquariello said the Wounded Warrior Project was the winner.

Pasquariello, a seventh-grader at Woodbury Middle School, said he started making paracord accessories after he received a paracord bracelet in his Christmas stocking.

“I thought they were cool,” Pasquariello said. “So I started making them and eventually got pretty good at it. I felt that maybe I could sell them occasionally and decided to turn it into a business.”

Initially, he began selling the bracelets and keychains – and now, dog collars – to friends and family. Pasquariello decided to use the Fall Festival to get his company’s name out there. Now he’s thinking bigger picture, like getting tent space at the Bethlehem Fair, the Connecticut Garlic & Harvest Festival, Woodbury’s Earth Day Celebration, and other festivals.

“If an opportunity comes up I’m going to try my best to be a part of it,” Pasquariello said.

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