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Mobile Food Units Have Been Approved for Middle Quarter


Mobile food units, also known as food trucks, are now permitted to operate in the Middle Quarter district, under certain conditions. Above, Big Green Eggs and Hamburgers operates on Saturday, April 14, in the parking lot of Woodbury Farm Market. The trailer is owned and operated by John’s Cafe and Woodbury Farm Market.

WOODBURY – The Zoning Commission approved an amendment to its regulations on Tuesday which allows mobile food units, a.k.a. food trucks, to operate in Middle Quarter, so long as they receive approval from the Zoning Commission.

The Zoning Commission defines a mobile food unit as “a movable, registered motorized-wheeled vehicle or a registered towed vehicle, designed and equipped to prepare and sell food to the general public, which is to be temporarily parked on a privately owned lot.”

According to the amendment, mobile food units must be located on an individual parcel, where an existing permanent business operates in a building with a certificate of occupancy. The mobile food unit must have written permission from the owner of the property where they intend to locate. If permission is withdrawn from the property owner, the zoning permit will become void.

No more than two mobile food units will be permitted on any one property at the same time without approval from the Zoning Commission. Mobile food units cannot be allowed within 50 feet of a permanent food service establishment, and they cannot shall not exceed 30 feet in length. The location of any mobile food unit cannot obstruct the line of sight or flow of traffic both on and off site.

Mobile food units are not allowed to sell anything other than food and non-alcoholic beverages, and hours of operation can only be within 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Also, signage must be attached to the vendor’s vehicle. No separate free standing or temporary signs are permitted.

Dennis DeBellis, owner of John’s Cafe on Main St. S. and co-owner of Big Green Eggs and Hamburgers Catering Company, which owns and operates a food trailer, says it’s great that the down decided to add the amendments to its zoning regulations.

“I think since Corey’s left [in 2006] there isn’t a place where you can drive up and get a quick burger or dog,” DeBellis said. “I don’t think it will hurt any existing restaurants because it’s a totally different style of food, if anything I hope it draws more people into town to benefit us all.”

At a public hearing held on March 27, no one spoke out against the then-proposed amendment.

Joe Donato, owner of Woodbury Farm Market and co-owner of Big Green Eggs and Hamburgers Catering Company, initially presented the Zoning Commission with the plan for the food trailer on August 8, and that application was accepted. However, it was discovered during the meeting that the Town of Woodbury has no zoning regulations on food trucks, so Donato decided to withdraw that application and go through the ZBA.

There was, at one time, a food truck regulation. However, after El Camion opened its restaurant on Sherman Hill Rd. and was no longer operating its taco truck on Main St., the regulation was removed from the town’s zoning laws.

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