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New Scam Alert Targets Eversource Customers

WOODBURY – Eversource has warned town officials of a scam involving text messages that are made to appear to be coming from the energy supplier.

First Selectman Barbara Perkinson said she is not aware of any Woodbury residents falling prey to the scammers, but wanted to make sure the word got to hopefully avoid someone getting caught up in it.

“With the weather now, some people are having difficulty paying their bill so they might get a text and think they need to pay now or get shut off,” Perkinson said. “The elderly usually fall prey to that kind of scam. Eversource would never shut somebody off without sending a letter.”

In one scam, the text warned a customer that an Eversource crew was on its way to shut off their electricity if they didn’t make an immediate payment. Scammers then sent a barcode in a text and tole the customer to go to a “CoinStar” machine to make a deposit using that code.

Another scam threatened that Eversource would file a lawsuit against a customer for late payments and that they would be disconnected by March 20 unless they made a deposit to them.

Eversource warned that one red flag is that the text messages are written in poor English and are hard to understand. Eversource asks that residents who receive such texts report them to them at

“Older adults often fall victim to different scams than the rest of our communities,” said Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull, “That said, these scams often have the same telltale signs as others. We encourage older adults to avoid answering suspicious calls, giving money to those who pressure them, and giving money in any form they can’t trace. We want to make sure that the people who have raised our families, and built the world we live in have the resources they need to stay successful in today’s marketplace.”

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