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Region 14 Seeks a 2.37% Budget Increase

WOODBURY – Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna Cutaia presented a 2018-19 budget with a 2.37% increase to the Board of Education on Monday night.

If passed by voters in Woodbury and Bethlehem, the $34,137,402 budget request would be the highest lift since a 4.9% increase was approved for the 2013-14 school year.


The 10-year average budget increase is 1,43%, according to figures presented in the 72-page document.

The document explains where the Superintendent would like to see both increases and decreases in spending.

Two PDFs follow this post. The first is the 72-page 2018-19 budget presentation. The second is a letter sent to Region 14 parents and guardians with dates of all the meetings, presentations, and forums that will take place before the May 8 referendums.

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  • Elena Bowen says:

    Dr. Anna needs to go. I’m not a fan

  • Brien Carboni says:

    I agree. Tired of the non ending budget increases. Between what the Gov. has taken from the towns and now she wants this enormous increase! There is never a time when a Superintendent says oh we have a enough to run our schools. She thinks money grows on trees. As a retiree with no kids in the system I’m getting a little tired of the rise of taxes due to the school system.

  • Witheld says:

    So basically, $34,000,000/1651 students is a tuition cost of roughly $21,000/student…… thanks.

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