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Region 14 Tweaks Classroom Celebration Food Policy

WOODBURY – After being met with some resistance by parents, Region 14 has decided to revise its new classroom celebration policy.

Parents and guardians wanting to have a birthday celebration for their child with food, or classrooms looking to have a holiday celebration, will still be limited to items purchased through the Region 14 Food Services Department. However, one item on the menu has been removed, and the prices have been reduced.

In an email sent to parents and guardians Sunday, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna Cutaia-Leonard said she received feedback from parents on various aspects of the new practice.

“I had some feedback on the nutritional content, but what is hard to explain is that those snacks actually come off a state-approved list,” Cutaia-Leonard said in an interview with Just Woodbury. “So while we try to select the healthiest, we tried to take a look at things that kids would be interested in.”

Cutaia-Leonard said the Region 14 wellness committee last year went back and forth between looking at protein, sugar, and carbohydrate content, as well as natural foods. The list was a parsing out of those priorities.

“While we want to be sensitive to that, the wellness committee wanted to highlight trying to adhere to the state requirements and legislation,” Cutaia-Leonard said. “It was not just an allergy-driven initiative.”

Additionally, Cutaia-Leonard said in the email that the committee is considering offering “holiday” packages around those times of year.  She added that the committee will revisit the successes and challenges of the program throughout the year and make modifications as needed.

As for pricing, the new list brings the cost to have a classroom down considerably. The initiative announced in August included all foods at $1 per item. The new list brings the price down to a range of $9 to $12 per 25 pieces, or “market price” for fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

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