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San Remo Restaurant & Pizzeria | Woodbury Restaurant Week 2019


San Remo Restaurant & Pizzeria, 135 Main St. N., offers great quality food: many options with affordable prices.

San Remo makes its own sauce daily with ripe plum tomatoes. All of its soups are made fresh every morning and they use nothing but the finest ingredients. San Remo also has fresh homemade bread and desserts, too, and also offers gluten-free options.

But owner Chris Gogas said one ingredient helps San Remo stick out from the rest in Woodbury.

“Every restaurant in Woodbury is great, but everybody is a little different,” Gogas said. “What makes us different? Filotimo.”

Gogas said filotimo is something that is a part of the Greek culture. Gogas describes filotimo as the natural inner aura of Greeks, that they want to give to people and please them.

“Sit down, eat, drink, we want you to enjoy. Don’t leave, stay longer,” Gogas said. “And I think that’s what makes the difference. We just like to please.”

Gogas bought San Remo in 2007. Most of his staff has been with San Remo for at least 10 years, and some have been there as long as 20 years. That continuity has allowed San Remo to remain consistent, and Gogas said customers know what to expect.

“Our strong points are consistency and quality,” Gogas said. “We have that, coupled with a menu that is family-priced. There are restaurants that are higher priced, but you won’t get the same quality or the same amount of food.”

Gogas was the owner of Jordan’s in Southbury Plaza, and closed it shortly after he bought San Remo. When Jordan’s closed, Gogas brought the Jordan’s style pizza to the San Remo’s menu.

Jordan’s style is a pan pizza, while the San Remo style is a more traditional hand-tossed pizza. San Remo’s also offers a gluten-free option with a cauliflower crust, as well as a whole wheat crust.

Takeout is 40% of San Remo’s business, but Gogas said his business can be segmented into thirds. There’s the bar area, where customers can grab a drink, eat, and watch a game, and the dining room area, where you can have a sit-down meal with the family.

“There’s something for everyone here,” Gogas said. “The kids can have a pizza, Mom can enjoy a shrimp dish, and Dad can have a steak, and everybody is happy.”

San Remo Restaurant & Pizza will post its Woodbury Restaurant Week menus soon…

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