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Selectmen Move to Request LoCIP Funding for Hollow Park Playground

Replacement of the 20-year-old Hollow Park playground may begin soon.

WOODBURY – The Board of Selectmen moved this week to close the gap to replace the 20-year-old Hollow Park playground.

Through a fundraising campaign which began back in October, the Parks & Recreation Department raised $42,402.75 to close the gap between the $150,000 set aside by the Town of Woodbury in 2015 and the $230,000 needed for the project.

First Selectman Bill Butterly said the amount raised by Parks & Recshould be a “sign from the people that the playground is supported,” according to the minutes from the July 19 meeting.

The shortfall of about $31,000 would come from the State via the Office of Policy Management’s Local Capital Improvement Program (LoCIP). However, there is a catch: There are some LoCIP funds that are currently frozen, but for which the project may qualify. Butterly could submit a request to OPM for the needed funds to be released.

if this plan works, the town would be fully funding the project for the $150,000 bond. If that doesn’t work, however, it would be back to the drawing board.

The Parks & Recreation Commission approved a bid by Pat Corsetti, Inc. for $222,853.00. to construct the new Hollow Park playground.

The current playground is outdated for the needs of today’s children, says Parks & Recreation Director Jenifer Miller. The current Hollow Park playground, which consists of swing sets, a playscape for children ages 2-5 and a playscape for children ages 5-12, would be replaced with something more modern and challenging. The new playground would also be ADA compliant.

The zip line, or speedway, as it is called, that is part of the new plan, may be too great a risk insurance wise and may have to be eliminated, according to the minutes of the June 27 Parks & Recreation Commission meeting. The speedway will cost approximately $17,000.00 plus freight and installation.

Miller says she is hoping construction on the new Hollow Park playground will begin in soon, and be ready for use in October.

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  • Tim says:

    Are there any blueprints or anything as to what the new park would look like? I grew up at the holllow and hope to return there to visit with children of my own someday.

    • Tim Parry says:

      Hi Tim, I do not have copies of blueprints or renderings, but I could get whatever Parks and Rec has and post them here. Thank you for asking, and thank you for reading!

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