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Snow Days Keep Pushing Region 14’s School Year End Date Back

Snow falls in Woodbury on March 7, 2018.

WOODBURY – The snow keeps falling over Region 14. And in an email sent to parents and guardians today, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna Cutaia said that means the last day of school will be June 22.

With the way the weather has been behaving this winter, Cutaia could not necessarily set June 22 in stone. But Cutaia also does not want to have to take days away from Spring Break in April if it’s at all possible… but has not ruled that out of the picture.


“It appears the crystal ball for weather forecasters is a bit off this year,” Cutaia said in the email. “Imagine what that does to the job of a Superintendent trying to make school closing decisions.”

For example, school was cancelled on Friday, March 2, due to an expected Nor’easter. While Region 14 was hit with high winds and rain, it didn’t receive the snowfall that paralyzed communities to the south and west of Woodbury and Bethlehem.

One option outlined by Cutaia in the email is the use of additional delay/early dismissal options. In a letter sent to parents and guardians in the fall, Cutaia mentioned that, if necessary, Region 14 would use a 3-hour delay option.

At this point in the school year, Cutaia also proposes that Region 14 also considers “special”
delay/early dismissal options as well, as outlined in the PDF below. Cutaia will also work with the Board of Education to consider other options, including, but not limited to, excusing a day from the student calendar – which she says is allowable as Region 14 exceeds the state’s required number of school days.

Also, it appears Nonnewaug High School’s graduation day will be June 23, and that date will be voted on by the Board of Education on April 2.

The letter sent to parents and guardians follows:

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