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Summer Blockbusters 2018: Incredibles 2

Holly Hunter and Craig T Nelson in Incredibles 2.

Incredibles 2


Everyone’s favorite family of superheroes are back in Pixar and Disney’s “Incredibles 2.”

Fourteen years of time, and family Halloween costumes have passed since the original movie released in 2004.  Our fearless Parr family are back at it again to dismiss crime while trying to live “regular” lives.

All the original cast are basically back.  Craig T. Nelson is Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible, Holly Hunter is Helen Parr/Elastigirl/Mrs. Incredible, Huck Milner has replaced Spenser Fox as Dashiell “Dash” Parr, Sarah Vowell is Violet Parr, Eli Fucile is Jack-Jack Parr, Samuel L. Jackson is Lucius Best/Frozone, Bob Odenkirk of “Breaking Bad” fame plays Winston Deavor, Catherine Keener is Evelyn Deavor, Winston’s sister, John Ratzenberger (Who is an “Easter Egg” of his own because he plays a character in every Pixar film…see Hamm from Toy Story and Mack from Cars to name a few) plays the Underminer, and Writer/Director Brad Bird reprises his iconic role as Edna “E” Mode.

Three months have passed since our hero family defeated the evil Syndrome.  Another notorious villain, named The Underminer (Ratzenberger), plagues the city of Metroville.  He uses a huge drill to rob banks.  With the help of Frozone, our hero family are able to stop Underminer’s drill from destroying the Metroville City Hall.  The collateral damage caused by the conflict forces the government to once again shut down the Superhero Relocation Program, leaving our family of heroes without any income.

Frozone is approached by Winston Deavor (Odenkirk), a “Supers” fan who wants to get the Superheroes back into the limelight.  Winston Deavor is the owner of DevTech, a telecommunications company.  Winston and his genius inventor sister Evelyn (Keener) propose a publicity stunt to regain the public’s support and trust in “Supers.”

Helen is chosen to spearhead the new “Supers” initiative under her previous identity, Elastigirl.  Winston is only interested in Helen at this point and puts the Parr family up in his luxurious estate.  Bob agrees to stay at home and take care of the family, while Helen reprises her role as Elastigirl to go out on crime missions around the city.

“House Husband” Bob is finding his new role as family caretaker quite challenging.  “New Math” for Dash, boy problems for teenage Violet, and the introduction of 17 plus possible new powers for Jack-Jack has left Bob exhausted and longing for the Superhero life he once had.  Helen has also had some challenges in her new role as the “Super” face of DevTech.  She feels disconnected from the day to day dealings of her family.  She is mistrusting of Bob’s ability as “Mr. Mom.”  She begins to feel overwhelmed with the new success and popularity of her new “Job.”

When another new villain named “Screenslaver” comes on the scene, Elastigirl is thrown into action.  Screenslaver uses TV projected hypnotic images to control people to do his bidding.  Helen captures Screenslaver with ease, unveiling him as a no name Pizza delivery guy that doesn’t remember his actions.  She feels that it was almost “to easy” to catch him sensing that the Pizza guy was under the control of the real Screenslaver.

At a huge “Screenslaver Apprehension” party on the DevTech yacht, Winston announces a summit with leaders of various countries to once again legalize “Supers.”  Helen’s assumptions become reality as she also goes under the control of the Screenslaver.  She tricks Mr. Incredible and Frozone into coming to her rescue, only to put them under the Screenslaver’s control as well.

The Incredible children, Dash, Violet and newly powered Jack-Jack come to rescue their parents from the evil clutches of the Screenslaver.  Will they stop the Screenslaver in his tracks or fall under his evil control as well?  Will Jack-Jack ever get control over his 17 plus powers?  Will Violet re-connect with her teenage crush?  Will Dash ever understand the “New Math?”  Will “Supers” everywhere remain in hiding under the governmental ban?  Will this be the end of the Incredibles as we know them? These questions and more will be answered in summer movie theatres everywhere.  Same Incredible Time.  Same Incredible Channel.

Incredibles 2 is an action packed, hilarious roller coaster ride of fun.  The action and humor added to the plot twists and turns has made another timeless blockbuster for Pixar.  I actually liked this film better than the original Incredibles movie.

I liked the fact that the age-old satire of men and women flip-flopping positions within the family dynamic was discussed using a Super Hero family as the backdrop.  It shows the challenges that happen to families thrusted into this situation, and that only teamwork will get you through it.  It exemplifies the belief that family is forever and that your family is your “Home-Team.”  It also teaches the lesson that the ways you are different from everyone else are what makes you special.  That everyone is “Incredible” in their own rite.

I dedicate this review to my “Incredibles,” my “Home-Team,” The Stewart Family.  They show me every day what Incredible looks like.  I give this movie a 3.5 out of 4 stars and recommend it for all audiences.  A “Must-See” movie this summer.

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