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Who Trashed This Lawn on White Deer Rock Road?

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WOODBURY – A White Deer Rock Road resident was awoken early Saturday morning to a strange noise in his front yard.

It turned out it was a late-model car being pulled off his front lawn by a late model pickup truck. And when the drivers of both vehicles saw the homeowner turn the front lights on, they yelled out a profanity and sped away. 

They also left behind about 45 to 50 feet of tire tracks that range from 6 inches to a foot deep on his front lawn and a bunch of splattered mud on the front of his house. 

The resident, whose name is being left anonymous because he and his family are the victims of a crime, called the Woodbury Police Department this afternoon to report the incident. 

“I figured maybe it was a kid who made a mistake and got a friend to help him out and he’d come back today to apologize,” the resident told Just Woodbury

According to the resident, it appeared that a late-model silver Cadillac or Lincoln drove backward onto his lawn for about 40 feet before it made a sharp turn towards his house and travelled about another 10 feet, and got stuck in the mud.

When the resident looked out his house window, he saw a late-model red pickup truck towing the silver automobile off of his property. The resident said the drivers of both vehicles sped away when they saw him. The driver of the truck took a left down Old Middle Road Turnpike and the driver of the car took a right onto Middle Road Turnpike. 

The Woodbury Police Department is investigating the incident. 

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