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Will Region 14 Have School on Good Friday and Memorial Day?

WOODBURY – Region 14 students will have a half-day of classes on March 30, which is Good Friday, if schools are closed Wednesday because of the nor’easter.

And if there is a snow day on Thursday, then schools will also be open for a half-day of classes on Memorial Day, May 28.


The Region 14 Board of Education voted on Monday to have school on those two holidays if there are additional school closures.

State statute requires 180 school days per year and Region 14 has 182 scheduled for students. The Board of Education voted to excuse two school days for students, making the last day of school June 22.

While the Board of Education voted to have school on a Christian holiday and on a national holiday, it also voted to keep Spring break (April 16-20) intact.

In a letter sent to parents and guardians today, Region 14 Superintendent of Schools Dr. Anna Cutaia also included a breakdown of “special” delay and early dismissal options. These options include three-hour and three-and-a-half hour delays instead of the usual two-hour delays, and early dismissals that would create a three-hour school day.

The full letter is posted below:

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