Will Region 14’s New Policy Start a Food Fight?


WOODBURY – Outside foods will no longer be allowed to be brought in for classroom celebrations per a new policy rolled out by Region 14.

In a letter emailed to parents and guardians of Region 14 students on Monday, Superintendent of Schools Anna Cutaia-Leonard said any food used in classroom celebrations must be purchased through the Region 14 Food Services Department.

“While some districts have moved to banning food-based celebrations, we in Region 14 have maintained this tradition while at the same time making them healthier in remaining within an agreed upon list of items,” Cutaia-Leonard said in the letter.

Parents and guardians wanting to have a birthday celebration for their child with food or classrooms looking to have a holiday celebration with food must order from a list of 12 items at least one week in advance. The food items – ranging from “Fresh Vegetable platter with Dipping Sauce” to Baked Lays to “Linden’s Cookies Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies.” – cost $1 per student.

Parents and guardians replying to a Facebook post by Just Woodbury have not embraced the new policy, for a variety of reasons:

Linden’s does not list nutritional information on its website.

Nutritional information for the “Otis Spunkmeyer Value Zone Chocolate Chip Cookies Dough 1 Ounce” was found on the FoodServiceDirect.com website.

Rich’s Ice Cream lists nutrtional information for its ice cream sandwiches here. The site lists it, and the Crumbled Cookie Cone, among its “Smart Snacks Approved Items.”

The letter and order form are embedded below.

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