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Woodbury Automotive is Moving Out

Joseph Riolo stands outside his auto repair and sales business, Woodbury Automotive. His truck is already re-wrapped as his new business, Route 63 Automotive, which is scheduled to open in Watertown later this month.

WOODBURY – Joseph Riolo has been a Woodbury resident and businessman for more than 30 years. But the owner of Woodbury Automotive has outgrown its location at 1633 Main St. N., and will be moving to Watertown – and rebranding as Route 63 Automotive – this President’s Day weekend.

In its current location, Riolo and his staff can only work on two automobiles indoors at a time. This Winter, Riolo has worked outside on cars as temperatures hovered around zero degrees.

In Watertown, as Route 63 Automotive, Riolo and his staff will have six bays, a waiting area, offices, a showroom for classic cars, and more in a 9,000-sq.-ft. building.


“I love Woodbury, and I wanted to stay here,” Riolo said. “That’s why I called it Woodbury Automotive.”

Riolo said he is grateful to the town of Woodbury, which worked with him to find other locations within town. That includes a location on School St., which it received approval to occupy back in 2016.

“I negotiated on three different places in Woodbury, but it just didn’t work out for various reasons,” Riolo said. “When we were looking for approvals on a couple of different locations, they were very supportive of us. I can’t thank the town enough.”

Riolo said he hopes he won’t lose business because he is leaving town, and is reminding customers that he will be just three and a half miles up the road. He adds that automotive repair businesses are based on trust and personal relationships, which should keep his customers from leaving.

A retired Danbury police officer, Riolo started Woodbury Automotive out of his home in 2008. He moved the business to its current location just five years ago, and Riolo said it has served Woodbury Automotive well.

“This location was too small when we were first looking,” Riolo said. “But what we had for finances, and the availability within the town – This was grandfathered with a dealer’s license, we wanted the license”

In addition to automotive repairs, Woodbury Automotive sells used cars. Riolo said he prefers to sell only cars he has worked on, because he knows he’ll be selling a car he knows well.

Riolo will still sell used cars in Watertown, but will be able to include classic automobiles, which will be kept indoors.

“I have to give God the credit because it’s amazing we could start a business in 2008,” Riolo said. “It was the worst economy, in the worst state business-friendly wise. For us to be successful, he’s been very gracious to us. It’s his business, I just try to run it for him the best that I can.”

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