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Woodbury Baseball & Softball is Hosting a 5K Cross Country Race

WOODBURY – When one thinks of Woodbury Baseball & Softball, they may think of bats, balls, and baselines. But the town’s youth sports organization is doing something a little different next weekend.

On Sunday, April 8, Woodbury Baseball & Softball will host its first-ever Cross Country 5K at the Hollow.


In addition to the 5K, there will be two fun runs for kids – a half-mile race for 7 to 10 year old’s, and a quarter-mile race for the younger kids. There will also be some baseball themes and prizes and, they hope, some warmer weather.

The event serves a few purposes, according to John Wolf, who is one of the race directors and a member of Woodbury Baseball & Softball’s Board of Directors.

“A couple of us on the board are avid runners, and we felt that a cross country race could be a great fundraiser for the leagues,” Wolf said.

Having a 5K race as a fundraiser means Woodbury Baseball & Softball can reach an audience beyond just its players and the families of players. Wolf said hosting a 5K means the organization can showcase itself to runners in town, as well as runners outside the community. In fact, a group of Connecticut runners called “Run 169 Towns Society” has reached out about possibly making it its Woodbury conquest.

But beyond raising funds, Wolf says the 5K is an opportunity to show off Hollow Park’s facilities and trails to people who may not ordinarily run or play there.

Unlike a road race, a cross country race is run mostly through fields and on trails. The course will go around the baseball fields, up through the area where the new playground will be installed, around the soccer fields, then it will follow the trail by the river, and end up by the up by Woodbury Floral Designs.

Woodbury Baseball & Softball President Timothy Pasquariello said the league is always looking for new ways to engage the community and at the same time help raise money to support itself.

“A 5K is a great healthy way for us to bring a wide variety of supporters from all over to participate in a fun family event,” Pasquariello said. “Even in our first year, we have enjoyed great support from local sponsors and expect participation to increase every year.”

Interested runners (and walkers) can click here to register for the 5K and the Kids Fun Run. The cost to enter the 5K is $20, and the Kids Fun Runs are $10 to enter.

The races will be times by Fast Track Timing, and are sponsored by The Crocker Family, On Target Tick Control, PT for Life Southbury, Woodbury Brewing Company, BounceBlast Rentals, and The Hit Club.

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