Woodbury Brownies Bring Cookies to Elderly Military Veterans

WOODBURY – “What’s the fire engine doing in my drive?” asked an astonished military veteran on Saturday, Feb. 23. It was carrying a group of Brownies from Woodbury Troop 64034 delivering Girl Scout Cookies as a thank-you to elderly Woodbury veterans for their military service.

Riding in two Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department trucks, the four Brownies and a little brother were escorted by Chief Janet Morgan and several firemen, who also included veterans, as they delivered the boxes to more than half a dozen residences. The girls are all second graders at the Mitchell Elementary School.

“The smiles on the veterans’ faces were wonderful,” said Morgan. “The girls had wrapped the cookies in special paper, and they were so welcome at all the stops. It was a wonderful day.”

The girls are (above group photo, from right) Madeline Taylor, Aurora Rose, Abby Denley, Hailey Petrucci plus a little brother (far left), Ori Rose. Firefighters (from right) Jason Hatstat, Runnie Walter-Prince, Bud Neal, Chief Janet Morgan,and Rob Start.

All the participants tucked into pizza afterwards at the Fire Department headquarters, Emergency Services Building, 25 Quassuk Rd., Woodbury.

“It was grand,” says troop leader and mom Carrie Petrucci and assistant troop leader and mom Tikva Rose, both of Woodbury. “We plan to do this every year.”

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