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Woodbury Had 129 Reports of Black Bear Activity in Past Year

This bear tried to crash Marcy Pasquariello’s Pampered Chef party at her Meadowbrook Lane home on a Friday night in September. (Contributed photo)

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection said there have been 129 reports of black bear activity in Woodbury between April 20, 2018 and April 14, 2019.

There were a total of 8,702 bear sightings reported in Connecticut during that time period. Woodbury’s neighboring towns had their fair share of bear activity, too: Watertown had 103, Southbury 192, Middlebury 59, Bethlehem 54, Roxbury 58, and Washington 45.

Black bears are becoming increasingly common in Connecticut as the population continues to grow and expand. Reports of bear sightings, even in heavily populated residential areas, have been on the rise.

The primary contributing factor to bear nuisance problems is the presence of easily-accessible food sources near homes and businesses. Fed bears can become habituated and lose their fear of humans. Bears should never be fed, either intentionally or accidentally.

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