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Your Woodbury Stories Wanted

Woodbury budgetWOODBURY – Just Woodbury is all about Woodbury, and we want your Woodbury stories.

I launched Just Woodbury because I wanted to get to know more about this wonderful community. To be successful, I need to tell more Woodbury stories.

I know you have a Woodbury story or two to tell, or a story or two to pass along to me.

Last weekend, someone asked me what qualifies as a “Woodbury story.” Does it have to be something going on right here in Woodbury?

The answer, surprisingly, is “no.”

Woodbury stories can also be about Woodbury residents who are doing something great outside the community. For example, in their place of work, or on their college campus.

They can also be about people who grew up in Woodbury and are making it big in the outside world.

But of course, the best stories are the ones happening right here in Woodbury: The people, the businesses, the community events, the academic achievements, the championships. These stories are the reason I launched Just Woodbury. These stories deserve to be told, and this is the place to have them told.

Do you or someone you know with ties to Woodbury have an amazing story to tell? If so, send me an email, or send me a press release.

Thank you, and have a safe Independence Day weekend!

Tim Parry
Editor and Publisher

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