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Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department Sets Carnival Dates

WOODBURY – The Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department has announced the dates of its annual Fireman’s Carnival and fireworks show.

The 2017 carnival will be held at Hollow Park August 31 to Sept. 2 from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. Fireworks will be held after dark on the Sept. 2.

The carnival will feature rides, games and food for the family. The event is to celebrate the end of summer.

“We love seeing friends and neighbors come together and spend some time catching up with each other,” the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department said on its Facebook page. “Bring your chairs, blankets and just relax.”

The carnival also serves as a fundraiser for the Association of the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department, and two separate raffles are being held. Raffle winners will be announced on Sept. 2.

Raffle tickets are on sale in advance, and can be purchased at fire headquarters, 25 Quassuk Rd, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The “White” raffle tickets are for 6 great prizes and sell for $1.00 each ($10.00 for a book): $1,500 in travel, $250 in Gas Cards, $200 at New Morning, $75 at Woodbury Diner, $75 at Constantines and $50 Ace Hardware.

The “Red” raffle tickets can win you a dinner with the fire department. Winners will be picked up in a fire truck at their home and be driven to the firehouse for a full meal with appetizers (shrimp, cheese & crackers, veggies and a whole table of yummy items), then a full prime rib dinner with all the trimmings plus wine, beer and dessert – ALL cooked by your local firefighters (yes – several a professional chefs). When the night is over they whisk you home in that same big red “limo”.

Those tickets are $10.00 each, but each winning tickets brings 6 – yes 6 people to dinner.

This raffle is to assist the Association of the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department in supporting the Fire Department with items that the members want but are not necessarily a “need” at this time.

In the past, the department has used the proceeds to change out the old rubber thigh high boots to all leather boots, which were not part of the standard gear issued. The proceeds also originally paid for the first Hurst tool the department owned.

The Association also works behind the scene to help support the department with receptions at funerals for veteran members. They also buy the dress uniforms and dress coats for the members.

Right now, the Association is finishing the last of the restoration of the the very first motorized fire truck owned by the fire department, and much of their fundraising has been put toward this project. Only donations specifically earmarked or the fundraising efforts of the Association have been spent on this project.

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