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Woodbury Volunteer Firefighters Advance the Hose

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Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department gathered at headquarters on Wednesday evening April 18th for practice on getting hoses to the scene of an interior house fire.

“By the time you’ve pulled a full hose 300 feet across floors, around corners, up a flight of stairs, through doors, and onto a fire, you’re really breathing hard and you’ve got perhaps five or six minutes left in your air bottles,” said Fire 2nd Lt. Chris Start. “It’s not easy.”

In the exercise called Advancing the Hose, a dozen firefighters broke into three-person teams: one at the nozzle, one to assist, and an officer in charge. A fourth firefighter remained at Engine 8 controlling the flow from the 2500 gallon all-purpose pump truck.

The exercise saw them racing to unload a hose, lay it out, carry it from one side of the headquarters building through the garage, upstairs along corridors, through doors and a meeting room to the far side where targets simulating a blaze awaited the firemen. Afterwards Deputy Chief William Garms in charge of training led a review of lessons relearned.

“It’s really about saving lives,” concluded Start. “That comes first. A house is just a house.”

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